<![CDATA[Welcome To The Website Of The 'Workaday' Writer K.D.Knight. - Home]]>Wed, 17 Jan 2018 01:34:43 +0000Weebly<![CDATA[A SPEECH I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE TO PARLIAMENT.]]>Tue, 16 Jan 2018 16:07:08 GMThttp://kdkworkadaywriter.com/home/a-speech-i-would-like-to-make-to-parliament​My Right Honourable elected Members of Parliament. I have not come to praise you    but to place before you your shortcomings and to issue a dire warning that thus far you have not acknowledged. You may frown and curl your collective lip but we live in a democratic country underpinned by the values of free speech. So here I am; uneducated, work-worn, in desire of living in a country free of the influence of others. Our forebears sacrificed life and limb so that the British people could remain free and yet all I have seen over the past decades is the gradual erosion of that hard-won freedom. And for what? An ideal that bears a passing resemblance to the ambition of the Third Reich. Hitler, it is claimed, did not perish in his bunker in 1945 but lived to be an old man. It is as if, upon his death, someone in Europe decided to bring his concept of a united and federal Europe to fruition though achieved in a more subtle and bloodless way.
Sport should be free of political influence, as politics should not be looked upon as a game played out in such places as Westminster, the media and on the hustings. Politics is not a game; politics is about the lives of ordinary, innocent people. We are not pawns to be played with; we are not pieces on a board to be moved whichever way you choose in order to gain the upper hand over your rivals. You are elected to run our country; to make fair law and to provide an environment for life that is harmonious and equitable. Yet when the country votes against the majority of your wishes you bemoan and wail and campaign in an underhand manner to have the decision of the country cancelled, annulled or to demand a second referendum, and if God forbid you won that referendum you would then deny the opportunity for a third referendum for the same reasons as you were denied a second referendum. The Blair Heseltines amongst you are latter-day Quislings; people with no backbone, no honour, no allegiance to the people and country of your birth. Quisling claimed to be acting in the interests of his country, though as everyone knew he acted in his own interests. Quite rightly at the end of the war he was put on trial, found guilty and shot. Life was so much simpler back then. Our Quislings, the ‘bemoaners’, are nothing short of mouthpieces for foreign rule. We, as a country, have always done well as a free and independent country and in wishing to deny the return to full sovereignty the Quislings are acting in defence, not of Britain’s welfare, but the ambitions of Europe and those who wish to see a United Federal States of Europe. Go speak to those who lie in war cemeteries, if you dare; defend your point of view to men with bullets lodged in their skeletons.
I am told in time the young will have us back under the heel of Europe’s soft-shoe tyranny, if Europe would have us back, but the young will not forever be young and in time their beliefs born through propaganda, lies and naivety will turn to wisdom gained through experience and the success of our country gained through endeavour and the freedom to trade without the constraints of being ‘one of the gang’.
It is understandable that the Hitlerisation of Europe can go unnoticed by the young; the war was many generations ago; the horrors of that conflict are now confined to celluloid and Hollywood, as fictional as Disney animation or horror movies. But to people such as yourselves, the closeness of the European ideal to the ambition of the Third Reich should in itself determine your thoughts on this matter; let alone the desire of a democratic establishment to honour without question the verdict of a free vote. Or do you know something we, the public, do not. Europe, afterall, has its own army, as well as police force, judiciary, flag and anthem. Everything, in fact, every country in the world has. Not that the E.U. is a country already, is it?
This house of men and women here because of the votes of the same people who now wish us to leave the European Union, should honour a democracy born of this house, of this country, and link hands and hearts to do everything in the power of this house to help our country make a success of our freedom from the financially obsessed, land and country grabbing minds of Europe. If you continue to fight against the vote, and God forbid if you succeed in overturning the original vote, what you risk is blood on the streets and civil disobedience. Not because of immigration and the suffocation of a population crisis but because M.P.s whose salaries are paid for out of taxes that come from the pay packets of the electorate paid scant regard to the verdict of a free vote, worked to ensure the ambition of a foreign power was not put in jeopardy and displayed no faith in your country to succeed as a free and independent entity. 
<![CDATA[CRISIS. WHAT CRISIS WOULD THAT BE.]]>Mon, 08 Jan 2018 15:06:41 GMThttp://kdkworkadaywriter.com/home/crisis-what-crisis-would-that-be​There are not enough houses to satisfy the housing need, apparently. The N.H.S. is creaking under the pressure the ill and injured impose on it, apparently. Our roads are crumbling into a state more befitting an Eastern European country. Care for the elderly is in crisis as Old Peoples Home after Old Peoples Home close. Civilisation, at least in Great Britain, is at the point of no return.
Crisis, it seems, looms around every corner of our society. Yet the main contributing factor to all our woes is never even hinted at by politicians or mainstream media. It is the crisis that cannot be mentioned because in its rawest form it smacks of racism and prejudice. But this crisis is not a crisis of colour, race, religion or culture. It is simply that there is a population crisis in this country and politicians and the media shy away from the subject for fear of being accused of racism or xenophobia.
You can fill a pint glass to the brim but to drink the ale it contains will result in a certain amount of spillage. This spillage is a mess to be cleaned up. The glass was overfilled, as the country is now overfull, resulting in a mess that we term ‘crisis’. A heavy-handed analogy, I grant you, yet as public houses are in crisis, too, appropriate to the subject.
Our country is small in area mass compared to most of the countries in the E.U. and like the pint glass its borders cannot be stretched and the laws of physics cannot be bent as Dr.Who achieves with the Tardis. The population of Great Britain in 2016 was just over 65 million. Australia lags well behind with only 24 million. At 65-million the infrastructure of the country is teetering toward collapse yet it seems we can accept 200,000 more people a year into the country. Pouring a quart into a pint pot comes to mind.
The math tells me that no amount of money thrown at the N.H.S., or the roads, on housing or care for the elderly, will ever be enough to right the ailing ship. There is simply too many people living in our country. Not too many foreigners, just too many people. At what number will it be admitted that the country is full to over-capacity? 70-milion, perhaps. 80-million? 85-million? 100-million? Because the number will only rise, even if we cut immigration to 100,000 a year. Or as low as 100 a year.
This is not about refusing to help those in need of help. It is about helping people before they set out on their 1,000 mile walk to a hoped-for better future. Albanians should have the right to happiness, welfare and all the trappings of civilisation in Albania; they should not have to leave family and home in an attempt to achieve a peaceful existence. Where is ‘Joy to the World’ once Christmas is over?
Our politicians, the politicians of the world, are useless. They only react to situations, they do nothing to prevent poverty, famine or war. What is the point of the United Nations if the member countries do not unite in preventing crisis around the world?
I have no problem with a qualified doctor or engineer from any part of the world applying for a post in this country. What is wrong is the coach-loads of foreign people turning up at our border posts without a job to go to, without a home to go to, and expecting our overstretched welfare state to sort out their lives for them. Our country is bursting at the seams and yet the E.U. demand we take any number of the hopelessly dispossessed. If the E.U. existed to improve the lives of the citizens within its borders it would take as its starting point the improvement of medical and welfare facilities in each of the countries that comprise the Union and not encourage people to roam Europe in search of something better than can be found in their home countries. The so-called housing crisis is a man-made crisis, it is not a natural disaster and those of us who oppose the E.U. should not be made to feel guilty for not wanting our country fattened to bursting point by an influx of people who would be better served through being helped in their own countries.
To my mind 65-million people is beyond what our country can healthily support. We should look to cut the number by 10-million over the next decade. But never should we turn our back on foreign nationals in need of help. We should though provide our aid and assistance in their countries. We should not be assisting the E.U. with its clandestine policy of denationalising each and every country within its union so as to make a federal continent of Europe more easily achieved. Enough is enough!
<![CDATA[BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER.]]>Tue, 26 Dec 2017 07:17:14 GMThttp://kdkworkadaywriter.com/home/best-christmas-ever​This year I decided to stop half-assing my distaste for Christmas and go whole-hog on my appreciation of all that Scrooge stood for by ignoring all the traditions and expectations of this pseudo-Christian festival of hypocrisy and commercial blackmail.
My first foray into displaying my utter contempt for Christmas and all that it implies was, and I began my subtle campaign back in October, to say out-loud whenever I was in hearing distance of children, especially very young children, that ‘they’ were considering cancelling Christmas this year due to the ‘worsening situation in some parts of the world’. I also suggested it might be a last minute decision.
The looks of fear and desolation I enticed onto the faces of some children clearly showed that a good many bought into my propaganda.
It was early December before I was afforded the opportunity to continue my assault on all that is bad about Christmas (that is all of it) when carol-singers crawled out from the woodwork to assail the senses of good cynical people who simply want to be left alone to watch Eastenders and University Challenge either in peace or in a state of alcoholic or drug-induced melancholy. The first bunch of cheruby minstrels made the rookie mistake of ringing the doorbell and asking if I would like to request a carol. I asked for Carol Vordeman and the lead cherub said they didn’t know that particular carol and suggested ‘Silent Night’ at which point I suggested they try their extortion racket in a street across the river.
The second lot began with a rendition of a song that suggested we ‘all go a-wassailing’ that coming from the months of children I felt inappropriate so I took a broom to them, scattering them into the street to display my displeasure to all and sundry and threatening them with further exhibitions of my distaste for all things festive if they should afford me the opportunity of meeting their parents. I did, though, allow them to keep their money box and at no point did I resort to bad language. They were, after all, only children. The bad language I determined I would keep for their parents for allowing them out at night without a chaperone.
As for home: no exchange of presents, no sending of Christmas cards – the other day I watched as two women exchanged Christmas cards. They talked for twenty minutes and as they bade farewell each said to the other ‘have a merry Christmas’. Exactly what it doubtless said on the cards they exchanged rendering them pointless. – no wishing people ‘a lovely Christmas’, no decorations, no tree, real of fake, no long hours preparing a meal that can only  contribute to the melting of more ice up at the Arctic.
Think me a miserable cynic? So answering me this. Why can’t this ‘joy to the world’ aspect of this time of the year be extended to the whole of the year? Nature existed before religion sought to rule the world so why do we praise an almost certain fictional son of a definitely fictional deity and not worship and care for that which really gives us life: Nature?
Has it gone unnoticed that politicians around the world pay lip-service to anyone, including religious leaders, who talk of building a kinder, more peaceful world, while manufacturing weapons of mass destruction to sell to despots intent of killing and maiming innocent people who just happen to be in the way of ‘political policy’? Charities around the world raise billions of pound to help the poor and destitute, people caught up in conflicts they cannot influence and in natural disasters that might be avoided if we looked after our planet rather than reined rape and pillage upon it.
If I am a miserable cynic for disliking the rituals and commercial traditions of Christmas what adjective is appropriate for those in politics who believe people can be used as cannon-fodder or for influence in distant regions?
Religion will not bring peace on Earth. Politicians cannot achieve harmony amongst nations. Only miserable cynics like me and good people like you can effect real change on a planet that is slowly being lead to the point of oblivion.
<![CDATA[I BELIEVE I MAY HAVE SLEPT IN ALL MY LIFE.]]>Wed, 13 Dec 2017 15:30:55 GMThttp://kdkworkadaywriter.com/home/i-believe-i-may-have-slept-in-all-my-life​It is the lucky man or woman who has lived entire lives with the confidence they are living the life that is their destiny from birth. What do I mean by that? It is my presumption – it can be nothing else as I cannot experience life as anyone but myself – that personalities, perhaps by design, from birth or manufactured from experience, are multi-layered, with different facets of who we are playing a dominant role at different phases of our lives until the personality that is ‘us’ becomes firmly established.
As much as some of you will argue against such an explosive claim, we are born in innocence and with a specific gender, with, I suspect, our personality and characteristics forming from the first independent breath, with activity that is performed upon us or around us absorbed at a subconscious level to wire the brain and mould us into who and what we become.
We are not necessarily totally master of who or what we become.
Although I am perfectly accepting of homosexuality and believe all forms of prejudice to be repugnant and an affront to civilised behaviour, I do not believe that any deity (a concept I do not believe in) or even any law of natural selection as evolvement of the species would chose to have non-reproducing segments of society as it uses up a whole load of resources to no purposeful end. I am not saying that homosexuality is abnormal, though I am suggesting it may be a method a deity or law of natural selection might think practical to put a brake on humanity when it is threatening to overrun and destroy the planet.
It is not, though, homosexuality I wish to deal with. It is me.
Until recently I considered myself a poorly performing member of the heterosexual segment of society. In the first half of my adult life I lived on my own and with the constraints and annoyances of myself. Of course I was always under pressure to ‘find someone’ as, ‘apparently’ this was the way to find happiness and more importantly contentment. And deep down that is what I wanted for myself. As with the majority of humans I have at my core a deep desire to bring happiness and contentment to another human being, although this conflicts at times with my natural proclivity for selfishness. But you cannot achieve personal contentment, though, if you do not understand who and what you are.
Until recently I could not understand how a man, or indeed a woman, who had lived a heterosexual life, with a spouse and family, could decide he (or she) had lived a lie and had turned to homosexuality as a life choice. I say until recently because back in the summer I happened upon a radio programme about asexual men and women and what I heard switched on a light in my brain, forcing me to accept that I have lived my life like a man who half in fear has slept in every morning rather than getting out of bed to experience the joy of a dawn chorus.
As it must be for a man or woman coming out as homosexual, it is the same admitting to being asexual. In some manner of ways it is perhaps worse as the one linking aspect of heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals is sexual passion, and in asexual people that is wholly or partially lacking. In our modern sexualised world, to ‘normal people’ at least, asexuality must be the greatest and most damning of abnormalities.
Of course this subject is not as black and white as it first appears and it is in the grey areas that asexual people must find compromise if not contentment. I suspect - as a young man it was certainly one of my many failings - asexual men have a tendency to place women on a pedestal. To me, at least, women are beautiful on the eye, though not necessarily objects of sexual excitement. Asexual people, I believe, do not believe that women were not created to be man’s chattel, to simply be receptacles of man’s desires. It is why overtly sexual women have always scared (not the pants off me) or repelled me, no matter how beautiful I might think them to be. It is why the breast and the brain have always intrigued me more than the hidden sexy lady parts.
But I am who I am and once the reason for all my inner turmoil became apparent an inner peace swept through me with the effect of Imodium after a bout of ‘digestive disturbance’. I am explained. I am thus more of a whole being.
Though the ‘intimate side’ of a relationship involving an asexual partner cannot ever be as fruitful and fulfilling as between a heterosexual couple it does not mean that sex cannot occur or that a warm and healthy relationship cannot be attained. It just requires one huge great step followed by several smaller ones. The first being, of course, to admit to the ‘significant other half’, a woman just as loved as the woman with a normal sexual partner, that you are asexual. And that, for perfectly justifiable reasons, I have yet to do. Would Christmas be the right time?