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​For the good of mankind and all discerning and merciful readers of fiction I can announce that ‘Linda Versus God’ can now be found on the shelves of all top-notch e-book vendors. Even if you live in Mexico, Montenegro or Myanmar. That’s the deal with the Internet – you just cannot escape the marketing arm of any corporation.
Now, why should you part from your hard-earned cash in order to read this little old novel of mine? And it is quite old. I must have originally put pen to paper on the endeavour ten years ago. Well, it is now professionally edited, an aspect of self-publication all writers should consider as the fresh eye is invaluable when it comes to erasing easily overlooked errors. Even the top professionals would not go to print without the assistance of a seasoned proof-reader and an editor, luxuries the impoverished self-publisher cannot always afford. So since its original publication the novel has been spring-cleaned, tidied up and polished so that every aspect of it sparkles with the expectation of a bright new day. Coincidentally the novel begins on such a day.
A second reason for purchasing this most interesting of novels is at £1.99p it represents great value for money when you consider the knowledge and insight that for a one-time reading it will provide. For instance, did you know that God doesn’t like trad-jazz?
All you need to know about the novel can be found on the book’s cover page and the accompanying blurb. But to whet your intellectual appetite: The titular character of the novel, Linda Ellis, is on a crusade to switch Mankind’s adherence to God and all other unsubstantiated deities to Atheism and worship of Mankind itself. As you can imagine, when you take on an institution as broad and encompassing as religion its supporters get rather peeved by beautiful women who go around bad-mouthing God – so good a God no one thought to give Him a proper name - and by the climax of the book it is truly Linda Versus the God Corporation. Though who are the heroes and who are villains of the piece does become blurred and it depends on whether you think of yourself as religious or atheist as to which side of the mismatch you take.
A word of warning: the novel is written so that each chapter can be read as a one-off story. This is why there are so many characters in the story and why a chapter will start with a character or characters that seemingly have nothing to do with the plot. This device does keep the reader on his or her metaphorical toes and may stop the more discerning reader from falling asleep.
A second word of warning: this is not an intellectual novel.
I have always thought it polite of a reader to read a book to its conclusion once the first page has been turned. Writers put a ton of effort into writing their books and though criticism and praise walk hand-in-hand and no writer can expect one without also receiving a dollop of the other either can only be truly awarded by the reader if every word is read. Oh heads up, as they say in the U.S.: the last chapter is very different to what goes before. I mean, really different. There’s an avenging angel fresh from Heaven for one thing.
So there you have it: Linda Versus God, an atheist novel by K.D.Knight and published by Modest Publishing, priced £1.99p.
P.S. On this website you will find ‘The Abomination’, my religious novel. And you can read it for free. Though it would be nice, and polite, if you bought ‘Linda Versus God’ before you avail yourself of the freebie.
In anticipation,
My grateful thanks and good wishes for supporting a Modest publication.
Also now published as both an e-book and (by April 2018, fingers crossed) as a print-on-demand paperback 'GOING TO THE LAST', a collection of horse-racing related short stories. Also priced in the bargain basement zone of £1.99. 
​Again, enjoy.
<![CDATA[THE MYSTERIOUS AND UNDER-VALUED NOVELS OF THE AUTHOR.]]>Wed, 19 Jul 2017 14:52:47 GMThttp://kdkworkadaywriter.com/home/the-mysterious-and-under-valued-novels-of-the-author​On the ‘books’ page of this website can be found the covers of two novels, both nominally e-books as no self-respecting literary agent or publisher of hard cover has thus far seen fit to take any interest in them. The author believes both novels to be ‘quite good’ and certainly of interest to anyone with an open-mind when it comes to all things religious. Unfortunately, though both books through being professionally edited are now in a more acceptable state to be bought and read by a discerning public, they are not at present for sale, whereas the author’s other novels and collections of short stories, none of which have had the benefit of the skilled eye of the professional editor, are currently for sale with virtually every e-book vendor on the planet.
This you will recognise is not a professional way to go about selling your wares but real hard life has reared its ugly head and put a stopper to the advancement of the strategy to ‘go about things in a more organised and professional manner’. Good intentions and all that!
Before I turn up my toes in an act of submission all my work, I vow, will be professionally edited. I owe it to myself, to my characters and to my reader. I confess to being prone to the odd ‘was’ and unforgivable ‘were’ and when my eye is especially lazy words get left in that along with the rest of the sentence should have been removed. It is the same, I am told, with many of the top writers.
And I will contact e-bookversions and have the fine Mr.Copley take down all my books currently clogging up the unreality of cyber-space, to be replaced by ‘The Abomination’ and ‘Linda Versus God’, the only two books that that have earned the right to be available to the public. It will be done. But only when the financial crisis caused by a family crisis abates. When cancer comes visiting everyone in close proximity to it suffers to one extent or another and I have nothing but sympathy for anyone in a similar position.
We are all human and we all make mistakes. It is part of the learning curve of life. The difference is that some people learn more quickly from their mistakes and do not repeat them. I am not one of those people. I am seemingly cursed by a disposition that is blind to continuous error. In fact my unknown, and secret even from myself, ambition must be to perfect the course of mistake-making.
The problem is that publishing e-books is too easy, and not expensive enough to put off would-be writers such as myself. e-book publishing is an industry without any concern for grammar, punctuation or spelling and unfortunately we are in an era that will eventually mimic the era of Samuel Johnson when words had no definite spelling and punctuation was any old how. The Internet is to blame, as are all aspects of social media.
When perusing Kobo or Amazon for a novel to upload onto your Kindle or other electronic reading device give some thought to choosing work by an unknown independent like myself. A novel should be as much about the characters and the ideas behind the storylines as perfectly clipped phrases or descriptive merit and though it may interrupt the flow you might want to make note of all the grammatical, typographical and spelling errors. And bear this in mind, if you were to read the draft of a novel to go before a literary agent you would doubtless find a similar number of mistakes. It’s just that when the finished book hits the book-shops proof-readers and editors will have spent many a long hour sifting out the confusing sentences, the misspellings and whatever else might give the reader the impression that the published writer is not the clever-clog you might have thought.]]>
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​I believe that anyone who abuses and maims children, the elderly, the infirm and animals deserve no sympathy from the public and the severest of punishments from the law.
That said, as the law stands and taking the controversial view that hunts uphold the law, I am in favour of the activity known as fox-hunting and hope it survives long into the future. Riding across country in pursuit of foxhounds gives work to a large number of people: hunt staff, of course, farriers, saddlery business, vets, feed merchants, even the local garage that services hunt vehicles.
It also gives horses an active life, allowing a second life to ex-racehorses, eventers and show horses. In an equestrian sense it is almost indispensable for the education of young horses and young riders. I understand the thrill and enjoyment of the chase, of riding across our green and pleasant land in the company of friends. But what I do not comprehend, what no pro-hunting enthusiast as ever been able to explain to me, is this pleasure only made complete by the killing of a sentient and beautiful animal who may never have harmed a lamb in its life?
We live in different times to when the landed gentry could do as they please, when they alone, as a section of society, employed thousands of people. The fox is not vermin. It does not live under the floorboards and spread to disease. And if the fox does get in the chicken shed that is nature and only proves that the fox is industrious in pursuit of life and man indolent.
When the hunting ban came into force I expected a sharp rise in the fox population, with starving foxes marauding our street knocking over wheelie bins and killing our domestic pets. But this has not happened.
This debate is not a battle of the social classes or do-gooders with no respect for tradition wanting to infect the brutish hunter with sentimentality. The world has changed, perhaps not for the better but it has changed. Even in the countryside the majority oppose the hunting and killing of foxes.
The anti-brigade, I admit, have the idea that the hunter is not an animal lover when the reverse is true. Misconceptions abound when views are polarised. 
Protect this activity which will always be known as fox-hunting. Let it live on for a thousand years. For hunts to exist, the countryside must exist. But how can we construct a society free from violence and cruelty if we allow the persecution of a beautiful animal to continue, when the farmer and the landowner insist upon killing the fox for the sheer and utter pleasure of it?

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Post 1.
Domestic cats get a lot stick, especially from ornithologists and you continually hear the old chestnuts of keeping cats indoors after dark and putting collars on them. Don't get me wrong, it is a valid subject for debate. Our garden birds must be protected and encouraged.
Here I must nail my colours to the mast. I live in a multi-cat household with eight of them living the life of reilly at our expense. In the past ten years a total of eleven cats have lived at this address. Only two of these felines can be called hunter-killers, though perhaps due to the urban environment the small number of 'kill' they are responsible for is proportionate to opportunity.
In this environment - there is a small acreage of what can be described as scrubland to the rear of the properties - the rodents killed by our hunter-killers can be considered 'rodent-control' as without their assistance our neighbours might be forced to set mouse-traps on a regular basis.
I do not pretend that on rare occasions our feathered friends have suffered at the claw of our pets.
If we are to curtail the downward spiral of our wildlife population the whole picture must be reviewed, not simply the relationship between domestic cats, their owners and the environment in which we all live. Destruction to natural habitat, changes in farming techniques, the ceaseless development of land for housing, the removal of woods, ponds and scrubland,  contribute to the problem on a scale that must far outweigh the natural instincts of cats.
If good-hearted people did not feed wild birds in their gardens the problem would be far worse.
Yet this practice exacerbates the conflict.
To inflict the cruelty of night-time curfews on cats will be as wrong as putting the blame for the decline in wildlife on those who encourage birds into their gardens or on those people who keep cats as pets. I will argue it will make the situation worse as cats will be out-of-doors in greater numbers during daylight when birds are in gardens in their greatest number.
A compromise would be to make it mandatory for cats to wear collars and bells. Not something we choose to do but would certainly consider. A better solution would be the legal requirement of cat owners to fit easily accessible cat-flaps to their properties. A cat with 24-hour access to its home where it can eat, sleep and find warmth, the main considerations for a cat to be happy in its surroundings, will reduce the number of cats roaming the streets. A legal requirement to neuter male cats would also aid the problem.
Do not demonise cats, as has been the case through the ages, or their owners. Let's save our wildlife by preserving their habitat. This too should be a legal and moral requirement on everyone of us.

Post 2.

Broadly I am in favour of the activity known as fox-hunting and hope that it will continue long into the future. Hunting, as defined by current legislation, has more pluses than minuses, as I see things. Others will disagree, perhaps vehemently. Hunting gives work to grooms, farriers, saddlers, vets, feed merchants and even the local garages that service hunt vehicles. But mainly I support hunting because it gives horses a good and healthy existence; a second life for retired racehorses.
In an equestrian sense riding across country, preferably following a scent laid down by man, is indispensable, especially for the education of young horses and young riders. I understand the thrill and enjoyment a rider achieves when riding across country. I understand the pleasure of meeting friends of a similar inclination and meeting strangers who might become friends. I understand the bond between rider and horse, the achievement of negotiating the natural barriers as the field follows the scent.
What I do not understand and no one has ever explained to me is why the experience can only be made whole by the savage killing of a fox?
We live in different times to the days of yore when the landed gentry could do as they please. The fox is not vermin. It does not live under the floorboards or spread disease. And if a fox gets in the chicken shed that is nature red in tooth and claw, proof that man is indolent and the fox industrious. It is the chicken kept confined that is unnatural, not the fox wanting to eat. If the fox that kills the chickens is killed it will not solve the problem; son of fox will come visiting, followed by the grandson. A vixen in need of feeding her cubs is nature pure and simple.
When the hunting ban came into force I expected a sharp rise in fox numbers, with starving foxes coming into towns to tip over rubbish bins and kill our domestic pets. Seemingly this has not happened.
The world has changed. This should not be a battle of the social classes; do-gooders wanting to infect the brutish hunter with sentimentality. Even in the countryside there are more people opposed to hunting with hounds with intent to kill than support the activity. The anti-hunt brigade are wrong in their propaganda; hunting people almost to a man are as much animal lovers as their opponents.
Perhaps if the R.S.P.C.A. or some other body devoted to animal welfare had to be present for any gathering of the Hunt the law might be less likely to be broken by maverick huntsman. But in the main I believe the activity known as hunting brings greater benefits to the countryside than many other activities such as off-road motor-bikes and 4x4's. But only as long as the despicable and disgusting aspect of its history is removed forever. How can we construct a non-violent society when there is a lobby to allow man to tear to shreds a living, sentient being that is no threat to humans.